Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Pedro Tejada have always be involved with arts, electronics and more specifically, photography. Still at young age, through sports competitions and events that he attended, got in touch with videomakers and cinematographers who inspired him to start doing work on the field.

With the digital cinema, and more specifically the Canon 5D revolutions, started working with many different still photographers, artists and filmmakers, shooting and finishing small documentary pieces. Worked briefly as Post-Production Supervisor and in 2012 joined White Gorilla, a Brazilian dailies digital data lab.

As DIT Pedro worked on features and commercial with local and international directors and DOPs: Matthew Libatique, Frederic Elmes, Patrick Duroux, Enrique Chediak, Lula Carvalho, Lauro Escorel, Adrian Teijido, André Faccioli and Ricardo DellaRosa are a few of them.

Due to the on-set and post production “know-how”, Pedro also worked at O2 Filmes as a VFX Supervisor, helping to develop “high tech” projects that demanded close collaboration between production, camera and post. At O2 Filmes also developed the in house 360 capture systems and workflows.

He currently lives in São Paulo and works as a freelancer cinematographer and post-production supervisor, always looking for projects where he can balance art and technology in the most seamless way as possible.

Pedro is also a collaborative at Stink São Paulo.